Public and Press Relations (PR)

PR is about managing your communications message and brand to your audiences and influencers. Whether you deal with government or industry, small or large enterprises - PR should be a part of your marketing portfolio. In particular, effective PR can be a very low cost method to increase your profile and penetration. Combining PR with advertising and Social Media will see your publicity presence and sales increase.

Maximum publicity for the smallest cost

MarketKing staff have had great success in leveraging their relationships with media outlets to get your story aired in print, radio or TV. Positive and planned publicity has the lowest possible cost when media outlets run with your story and enhance the communication of your company's goals. Many media outlets are very keen for new stories so your latest product releas, employee initiative, award, certification or significant order can be valued news.

Media Events

MarketKing can work with you to create your next media event. We'll work with you on your communication plan to show you how media events can be a successful part of your strategy. MarketKing staff have successfully supported press briefings and tours, including magazine press-tours of major media outlets to support successful new product launches.

Press Releases

As part of a coordinated communications strategy MarketKing staff will write your press releasesand deliver them to targetted media outlets. MarketKing staff are expert copywriters and have published hundreds of articles in a wide range of trade magazines and online.

Corporate Statements, Reports and Presentations

Most companies have a need to issue internal or external reports or occasionally make statements to external committees or controlling government agencies. MarketKing staff are experts at making you look good. Our staff can ghost write and layout all your reporting needs. We can also prepare powerpoint templates to create a common company style for your team to follow and we provide proof-reading services to reduce the chances of embarrassing mistakes.

Social Media, Web and CRM

Publicity is most effective when combined with all elements of the marketing mix - including web, social media and customer relationship management software (CRM). MarketKing staff can design a plan that is right for your business and show you how to get the most out your best resource - your current customers.

Where Does PR Fit In ?

PR is only one part of the marketing mix. For the full suite of our capabilities, click here for marketing consulting, strategic planning, web design, social media, search engine optmisation and copywriting.

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