Our marketing consultants are expert copywriters with over 27 years experience in printed promotional and technical materials including operation manuals, technical articles, contracts, brochures and well as writing for advertising, PR, social media, company reports, technical presentations and radio and video scripts.

Our expert copywriters are fast and work flexible hours to suit you. If you have a tight deadline we can meet it. Our copywriting rates are economical and our accuracy is first rate.

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Here's how MarketKing staff can help you:

Ghost writing

Staff in both small and large businesses are too busy to promote the good work they do. Your technical staff don't have the skills to create persuasive or commercial writing. This builds up a back log of lost opportunities - new work, projects and ideas that haven't been documented or publicised. Our expert copywriters translate this knowledge into successful published articles and communications that get results.


Our expert and fast copywriters will draft binding commercial contracts and agreements at a far lower cost than legal professionals. We do the heavy lifting by customizing the documents to your commercial needs and can even assist with negotiations with your business partners or customers to refine the terms and conditions. Your expenses are greatly reduced by handing a more complete and comprehensive document to your legal advisors for final approval.

Technical articles

If your products or services are technically based, our expert copywriters will work with your staff to translate their knowledge into effective communication pieces.

Corporate Statements, Reports and Presentations

Most companies have a need to issue internal or external reports, make submissions to authorities or prepare persuasive commercial presentations. Our expert copywriters will make you look good. We will ghost write and layout all your reporting needs. We can also prepare powerpoint templates to create a common company style for your team to follow and we provide proof-reading services to reduce the chances of embarrassing mistakes.

Where Does Copywriting Fit In ?

Copywriting is an important part of the marketing mix. For the full suite of our capabilities. Click here for marketing consulting, strategic planning, web design, social media, search engine optmisation and PR.

To get your copy right, call us: 0410 034 830

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