About Us

MarketKing is a Melbourne based marketing consultancy founded in 2011. We have over 27 years experience in marketing and strategy in a wide range of industries. Our experience includes preparing marketing, business and strategic plans for small to large business, and converting these plans into successful tactics delivered through marketing materials (brochures, pamphlets), copywriting, advertising, events, exhibitions, web-design, video, direct mail and social marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and search engine optimisation (SEO).

How We Work

We can come to you and get to know your business. The first hour consultation is free. As a small agency we work extended hours and so we are contactable from 7:00 - 9:00 seven days a week. We have a network of designers and other resources we can access to help you meet your workload.

For the full suite of our capabilities. Click here for marketing consulting, strategic planning, web design, social media, search engine optmisation, copywriting and PR.

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We publish all sorts of interesting, fun and helpful marketing thoughts and information on-line on our Blog. Click on this link and then bookmark our blog to get all the latest news from MarketKing.

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