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MarketKing Marketing Consultants

We are a Melbourne based marketing consultancy sermarketing consultantsving small business and corporates. MarketKing are expert marketing consultants in planning, web design, copy writing, social media, SEO and strategic planning for small to large business. Our expert marketing consultants will help you grow your business.

We have over 27 years experience serving a wide range of businesses from personal services, cosmetics, sports marketing, wedding planners, textiles, mining, transport, power generation, utilities, science, government, agriculture, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and academia, from the smallest sole trader to large multi-national corporates.

We specialize in helping you to grow your business using your knowledge of your markets, competitors and customers to produce business plans that really work. We provide follow up services to ensure your marketing plans stay on track and get the results you need. For a no-obligation discussion or visit ...

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An Aussie manufacturer developed a revolutionary new product. The technology was so new that it had to be explained to the market place. MarketKing staff developed sales training materials, print advertising and literature to support the launch - on budget and on schedule. Sales results have exceeded expectation and together with sales of the existing technology has re-invigorated the sales category.


A family owned manufacturer of industrial equipment was taken over by a US corporate. MarketKing staff were asked to develop a new corporate image. The rebranding was done through signage, literature, stationery, business cards, website design and vehicles. The company today thrives under its new skin and its marketing materials are considered world class by its corporate parent.


An Australian vehicle importer wanted to import medium duty Chinese manufactured trucks. MarketKing staff helped facilitate a deal between the importer, the Chinese manufacturer and a western engine maker to create a three way partnership.




Today, the importer successfully sells the Chinese manufactured trucks and is growing in market share.